Victorian Toys

In my  class we have been learning about Victorian toys. These are some of the toys that we have looked at and played with; a whip and peery, cup and ball, peever, hula hoop, skipping ropes,  diablo, gird n cleek and football

A whip and peery is a rope tied to a stick and a wooden spinning top. A cup and ball  is a  wooden cup with a bit of string attached  to the cup  and on the other end  of the string  there is  a wooden ball. A peever is an old metal tin with stones to make the tin heavy and some chalk to draw the hop scotch.  A hula hoop is a round circle made of metal and you had to keep it going round your  tummy.  Skipping ropes are a long piece of rope and  you have to jump over the rope. The diablo is a cylinder squashed in the middle to make a diablo.  A  football  is a pigs bladder blown up.

3 thoughts on “Victorian Toys”

  1. My goodness I didn’t know that a football was a pigs bladder blown up! Are you good with any of these toys? It sounds like a very interesting topic, I hope your enjoying learning about the Victorians.

  2. I know it’s quite scary to think they blew up a pigs bladder just to play football! The toys are actually quite hard to play with when we were outside using them it was really hard!

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