The Queen’s Nose Debate

The children in Bay 19’s Authors reading group have been reading the Queen’s Nose by Dick King-Smith.  They have been debating the suggestion that the main character,  Harmony, acts selfishly throughout the book.  They looked for quotes and references to support their opinion.  They used the class dictaphone to record their excellent debate.

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Queen\’s Nose Debate

3 thoughts on “The Queen’s Nose Debate”

  1. I really liked the debate and it was fun.I said Harmony was selfish because she wished for a free bike,a free watch in the post and she wanted her sister to go to America maybe because Harmony hated Melody and not something better.

  2. This is such an interesting debate, primary 6! You have all got so much to say about Harmony. That’s excellent! I especially liked the disagreement over whether or not wishing to send Melody away on holiday was selfish. You really have to try to understand Harmony’s character to decide what her reasons behind the wish were. Some of you think it was purely to get rid of Melody for a while but others think it wasn’t selfish because Melody was going to have a lovely time. What an interesting discussion!

  3. I really enjoyed listening to your debate. So many opinions about the characters and their actions. I could hear you flicking through the pages as you spoke, looking for quotes to reinforce your argument. Well done P6, I’m really glad that you are using your novels not only for reading purposes but also to inspire you to talk at length. Keep up the good work and send in some more of your recordings to us here at the Literacy Base. We are always really interested to know what you are doing.

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