Passover Story

Last week we began learning about Passover. Today we finished learning about all the different plagues. Some of us explained the different plagues using pictures of them and some of us started retelling the story using our dictaphones. Here you can listen to some of the story and see some of our pictures of the plagues with descriptions.

Introduction by Brian:

Passover 1 Brian

Introduction by Elle:

Passover 2 Elle

Introduction by Morgan:

Passover 3 Morgan

Introduction by Elle:

Passover 4 Elle

Plague 1: Blood

Passover 5 blood

Plague 2: Frogs

Passover 6 frogs

Plague 3: Gnats

Passover 7 gnats

Plague 4: Flies

Passover 8 flies

Plague 5: Plague on livestock

Passover 9 livestock

Plague 6: Boils

Passover 10 boils

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