Music: Mary’s Donkey

In P6a we’ve been using Silver Burdett for our music lessons. We have already sung Mary’s Donkey and talked about who the donkey and Mary are and how the donkey might be feeling. We decided the donkey is feeling quite sad because he’s so tired carrying Mary.

We have recorded a lesson where we played along to with the song using tuned percussion instruments. Can you tell which instruments we used?

Mary’s Donkey


In my school we are working on I.D.L which stands for interdisciplinary learning. In art in my class we make all different Victorian things because that is our topic. We are also going to visit The Victorian School Of Art on the 3rd of March.

We are looking at Victorian Toys and we got the chance to look and play with them. In story writing we are writing stories about being a Victorian child and going back in time. In math we looked at shillings and some of the money that Victorians used. In I.C.T we have been making fact file about Queen Victoria and we have also been working on Glow and looking at the other classes posts.