Golden Time!

P6 and P7 have joined together for Golden Time. Each class only had small things like Arts and Crafts , Sometimes baking andĀ  Own games but now we have things like Dancing, Origami and Outdoor Games / Sports. We also have Baking and we make Truffles! Golden time is a 30 minute treat on Friday afternoon where you get to do what you want. If you do something wrong you can loose Golden Time! At the end of the year there is a Golden Day and you can wear your own clothes.

If you manage to reach your bronze you get to go at the end of the day ONLY, but if you reach silver you get to go from Playtime and If you are good enough to get your gold award you get to have fun ALL day! For the Golden day you get to go around with your friends without teachers! The school organisesĀ  Bouncy Castles that are outside but the infants bouncy castles are in the gym hall. Some of the Activities are nail painting, face painting and coloured hair sprays. At the end of the day we have a pantomime in the gym hall.

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