Outdoor Gym

In primary 6 we do outdoor gym every Wednesday. We do rounders and football and other games.For football we do team captains,it is normaly a girl captain and a boy captain.Whatever teacher is taking the football they are the referee and if you do a bad tackle you have to site out for five minutes. For rounders the teachers put us into teams and then we decide who is going to bat and who is going to field.

Cycling Proficiency

On a Wednesday Miss Brogan, Mrs McMann and Miss Grenfell took a class called cycling proficiency. Some of the primary 6 classes joined. I joined it and it tells you about riding on the road safe. It is only primary 6 classes that can join. To join you need to have a helmet and a lock to lock up your bike at the bike racks. Your bike needs to be in good condition. We learned the start and finish position when you are riding on the road. Next week we will be learning the emergency stop. The cycling proficiency group is on from 3pm till 4pm. A man from the bike shop comes and  checks your bike if the brakes are working and other stuff.

Outdoor Gym

This year in primary 6 we have been playing different games. This year we are aloud to play football and rounders. This year we can also play with the other class.For football we choose team captains, the winner of heads and tails picks first.Mr Clark takes turns with Mrs Macman to be the referee .If Mr Clark is the referee Mrs Macman prepares rounders.

Cycling Proficency

On a wednesday some of the primary sixes have joined cycling proficancy. In the morning we  get off our bikes at the gate and we chain them up at the bike racks. Then at the end of school we go into miss cunninghams class and wait for thr teachers to come. Miss Brogan ,Mrs Mcman and Miss Grenfeild. The club is on at 3 until 4. On the first weeek we had to cycle through cones and had to keep our balance then we changed stations and we had a race but it was the slowest person that won.The second week we learned our saftey check we had to look behing our right shoulder then put out  our right arm and wave it three times then we looked behind again and the we used our brakes.Then we moved station we had to travle through two lines  with out hitting one and we had to pretend one was a car and one line was th kirb. We moved station againg and we done our saftey check and we cycled up and down but before we cycled we had to do th saftey check.

Reading-The Queens Nose

In reading today the authors(my reading group) were writing about the Queens nose. Mr. Clark put two Questions on the board and we had two write a paraghraph answring the questions in our language jotter. The two questions were Do you think Harmony is selfish and Do you think it was a satisfactory ending. . We had to put lots of detail in our paraghraph and I wrote two pages. Then we had to stick our censory image into our jotter. We had been working on the censory image for a while. We used A4 paper and I done mine like a tree.  I used three pens for beggining, middle and end. It was really fun reading The Queens Nose and i enjoyed doing reading today.