Dictaphone Day!

Tuesday of this week was Dictaphone Day where the classes were encouraged to use their dictaphones. In P6a we do writing on Tuesday mornings and this week we wrote recounts all about our trip to the Scotland Street School. We decided it would be a good idea to record some of our recounts on the dictaphones and here are the results:


school trip Alisha


school trip Amber


school trip Bolu


school trip Elle


school trip Erin


school trip Kaileigh


school trip Kaitlynn


school trip Lauren


school trip Morgan 1

school trip Morgan 2

school trip Morgan 3

school trip Morgan 4


school trip Neve


school trip Rachel


school trip Rhys


school trip Ross


school trip Shane

golden time p6&7

In golden time in p 6 and 7 we have been splitting up  into bays there are four bays. In Miss Cunningham’s class there is baking/cooking ,paper craft and infant helpers in Mrs Fullerton’s class there is outdoor games and you can go into the learning bay. In Miss Schoenhofen class there is arts and crafts, gaint games  you can go to the dinning room and dance. Miss Brogan’s class does pampering and own games. I think the new golden time is great because it is a bigger choice

The new cash machines

As soon as I heard that we were getting a card that you can put money on I was so excited. Then the next day we all got a card saying our name on it. The new cash machines are very expensive so we all be very careful. I think all the people like the new cash machines because they stop people from getting  bulled to get money.

The dinner ladies got touch screens as cash machines they enjoy them as well so we’re all happy. At first we all needed to get use to it but we got there in the end. I think the teachers had a brilliant idea.

Cashless system

In our school we have a new cashless system. It is a system that helps to save money and helps to stop bullying in the playground and losing money as well. At the moment it is very slow but we will get there in the end. First you swipe your card, insert the amount of money you have then press the blue button that flashes blue to end the transaction. The money is put in to your account and the real money is put into the council bank (to buy food and essentials for the schools that belong to the council).

How do you feel about the cashless system? Do you think it is a good idea?