Victorian Toys

In my  class we have been learning about Victorian toys. These are some of the toys that we have looked at and played with; a whip and peery, cup and ball, peever, hula hoop, skipping ropes,  diablo, gird n cleek and football

A whip and peery is a rope tied to a stick and a wooden spinning top. A cup and ball  is a  wooden cup with a bit of string attached  to the cup  and on the other end  of the string  there is  a wooden ball. A peever is an old metal tin with stones to make the tin heavy and some chalk to draw the hop scotch.  A hula hoop is a round circle made of metal and you had to keep it going round your  tummy.  Skipping ropes are a long piece of rope and  you have to jump over the rope. The diablo is a cylinder squashed in the middle to make a diablo.  A  football  is a pigs bladder blown up.

Victorian School

A few weeks ago P6 went to Scotland Street School which is a Victorian school. There was an actor called Mr Valentine.  They went with their teachers Miss Cunningham, Miss Schoenhofen and Mr Clark .  They had to wear things that they wore in Victorian times, such as the jacket. They also used the pens and boards they used. They also used the paper they had as well. Someone  was asked to pretend that they were getting the belt. They thought it was the best school trip they have ever been on.

Golden Time!

P6 and P7 have joined together for Golden Time. Each class only had small things like Arts and Crafts , Sometimes baking and  Own games but now we have things like Dancing, Origami and Outdoor Games / Sports. We also have Baking and we make Truffles! Golden time is a 30 minute treat on Friday afternoon where you get to do what you want. If you do something wrong you can loose Golden Time! At the end of the year there is a Golden Day and you can wear your own clothes.

If you manage to reach your bronze you get to go at the end of the day ONLY, but if you reach silver you get to go from Playtime and If you are good enough to get your gold award you get to have fun ALL day! For the Golden day you get to go around with your friends without teachers! The school organises  Bouncy Castles that are outside but the infants bouncy castles are in the gym hall. Some of the Activities are nail painting, face painting and coloured hair sprays. At the end of the day we have a pantomime in the gym hall.

Reading in our Class

In our class we do reading on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Our book is Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo. We do fluency once a week we work individually, partners and in groups. Sometimes we use the Dictaphone we speak in to it and we can play it back. We make books for each reading book we get all our work and put it in to one big book. We decided what work is the best. We do storyboards, character studies, ARQ’s and more. The Commas book is The call of the Selkie and the Question Marks book is Horrid Henry and the Secret Club. Our class also likes to make questions for the other people in our group.

Tannochside Primary School Website

This blog post will tell you all about the school website. I hope you enjoy reading this. This website as you probably already know is accessible anywhere in the world. There is a lot of things to do on the website for anybody of any age such as p7 kilbowie pictures (you need the password), blogs like this one, if you have a child in Tannochside then you can see what they are learning about and lots of  other things.  On the website there is also Glow you can learn about or if you have an account you probably already know lots about Glow.

Here are all the primaries you can learn about,nursery, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6 and p7. Also you can see everybody who is in The Pupil Council, The Health Council, Junior Road Safety and loads more. You can even see what we have been doing at assembly and golden time. A few things we do at assembly are singing, raffle and certificates. We always have fun things to do at golden time you can even come to school and help out because P6 and 7 have golden time together a couple of things we do at golden time are origami, outdoor games, laptops and lots more. To sum the school website up in one word I would have to say it’s brilliant. Hope you enjoyed reading this.


In our class we have 3 Reading groups, Full Stops, Commas and the Question Marks. We make up our own tasks for our Work. The Full Stops are Reading the book Why The Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo. The Commas are Reading the Book Call Of The Selkie. The Question Marks new book is Horrid Henry and the Secret Club.

We do Reading on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. We do Fluency Once a week. We work individually, with partners and in groups. Some of our work that we do alot are Storyboards, ARQ’S, Character Study, Quizes and more. At the end of our book we make a book.

Golden Time

At golden time my friend and I played giant games. We played giant snakes and ladders and giant dominoes. We start golden time at 2:15 on a Friday. If we’re bad we lose golden time for example say I lost 5 minutes I would have to go to the library with Mr Clark. If you talk  Mr Clark would reset the time.

You have a choice of baking, giant games, arts crafts, own games, outdoor games, pampering and lots more.  If you keep your golden time for a year you would get a special thing that would be fun.

Golden Time

In Golden Time we do fun stuff like pampering, baking, art and crafts, mask making, outdoor games, indoor games, dancing, own games and giant games .

We need to keep all our Golden Time to have the full time to play. If you lose any Golden Time you need to sit out for that amount of time you have lost with Mr Clark. We do it with primary sevens and the other primary six class.

Sometimes we get a golden day if you reach your gold award you get the full day if you get your silver award you get half off the day and if you get bronze award you get a quarter of the day.

Golden Time

Every  Friday  we have golden time.  What we do is play  with our own toys  or we can do something else  it is a lot of fun. The  primary 6 and 7  swap classes  if we are  bad we have to go with  Mr Clark  and we have to just sit there  doing nothing until  the time  is up  and when we get back we just have to join in what ever  group that has  got a space in it for them to join. Here are some of the things we do baking, arts and crafts, out door games, dancing,  giant  games, pampering and  laptops.

We really  enjoy it and we think it is a really good idea  because we can meet  new friends and  it is really fun.

P6&7 Golden Time

In p6 and 7 there has been a new golden time set up were on a Monday there is a big book that has been split in to 12 categories. There are 3 activities in each class in Miss Schoenhofen and Mr. Clark’s class there is 2 sets of outdoor games along with dancing which Miss Hunter takes. In Miss Cunningham’s class there is arts and crafts which Mrs. Geoghegan takes there is also baking and last but not least there is infant golden time.

In Miss Brogan’s class there is only two activities which is own games were you bring in your own games in to school. Also in Miss Brogan’s class there is pampering where you can have your nails done. Last but not least there is miss Fullerton class where you can play with giant games (snakes and ladders etc). There is also mask making and origami.