Visit to Scotland Street School

On Thursday 3rd March, Primary 6a and 6b visited Scotland Street School as part of their Victorian interdisciplinary topic.

Scotland Street School was built in 1906 and was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  It is now a museum of Victorian, 30s and 60s classrooms.

In the morning, the children  toured the museum and enjoyed seeing how schools used to be in the past.   The best part was in the afternoon – they got dressed in authentic Victorian school uniforms and travelled back in time to have a lesson from a Victorian teacher.  He was very strict and made all of the boys and girls address him as “Sir” and be absolutely silent when he was talking.  The children learned sums and spelling by repetition and reciting.  The children had to write on slate boards and use pen and ink.

The boys had to bow and the girls had to curtsey when they said Good Morning to the teacher.

Good Morning

The teacher also demonstrated how children would be punished by “getting the belt”.


At the end of the lesson, the teacher said that the new School Inspector wanted the children to learn poems and songs, so he taught them Queen Victoria’s favourite song:


Have a look at some of the photographs:

P6a Illustrators: Reading The Shopping Trip

Last week the Illustrators worked with Miss Schoenhofen and Mrs Hunter and read a new book called “The Shopping Trip”.

The Illustrators are working especially hard to keep up the great work while Mrs Henderson is off. The first 4 pages of chapter 2 “Looking at clothes” have been put on here for everyone to listen to. We all agreed it’s like going to the Glasgow Fort with the huge car park!

Page 14: Chloe
1: Chloe

Page 15: Morgan
p.15: Morgan

Page 16: Shane
p.16: Shane

Page 17: Jonathan
p.17: Jonathan