French in Primary 6

The boys and girls in Primary 6 are enjoying learning French in class.  This term, we have been learning the numbers to 20, the days of the week and the months of the year.

We have learned some fun songs.  Click below to hear the children singing:

Le jours de la semaine song:

Le Jours De La Semaine Song

Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? song

Quelle est la date song

The children are also working hard to learn their vocabulary.  How do you think they are sounding?

Days of the Week:

Days of the Week1

Days of the Week2

Days of the Week3

Months of the Year:

Months of the Year


Numbers to 20

Numbers to 39

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Golden Time

In school every friday afternoon at two fifteen we have Golden Time. It ‘s a fun time for children who have behaved all week and not lost any Golden time for being bad. This week it is all changing for primary 6 and 7. We used to have golden time separate but now were all having it together.

We are getting : baking, arts and crafts,whitboards,dancing pampering and a few more. A lot of people said they liked the idea .

Victorian Schools

Today our class was learning about Victorian schools. We had to reasearch Victorian schools and put them into a pages folder. Then we had to type in all the information we found and upload it into Glow. I really enjoyed doing this as I love going on the computer. It was very intresting learning about the Victorian schools an seeing how much they have changed.

.Click here to see our Victorian project.

Glow Work and Enterprise

Glow work is very interesting and you can post blogs and you can talk about  what goes on in school it is very good to talk about what happens in school. For example in school we have a grumble box and if you have a grumble you put it in the box.

In our school we are doing an enterpriseproject  and the enterprise is jobs for in the school.  I have applied for three jobs because I think it would be really exciting and fun. In school we have posters all around the school.

I like posting blogs  so people can read them and then they can comment on them.

Victorian houses

We went into  pages then uploaded a flyer then we changed the pictures and writing and turned it into our own Victorian Fact File.We searched for pictures  on the internet for sash windows .We got pictures of Victorian houses and Victorian windows.Then we uploaded it  as a pdf file then we saved it. Then we uploaded it on to glow. Then  afterwards we did this blog .

Victorian Houses

Primary 6 have been learning about Victorian houses. My partner and I found it very interesting and we have learned a lot about Victorian houses. We designed a poster with lots of information on Victorian houses and we found some good pictures. It was really interesting and I hope to do it again.

Click here to see our poster.

What did Victorian houses look like?

Victorian houses  have sash windows and bay windows. They loved to decorate their windows. Some Victorian houses  have fancy brick work.

Why did they not have garages?

They didn’t have garages because cars weren’t invented . There was no cars until the end of Victorian times and Victorian people walked a lot.


Victorian houses had chimneys. They had chimneys because they used a fireplace. They used the fireplace a lot and the smoke went up the chimney because they didn’t have heating.

Victorian Houses

In class me have been learning about  the Victorian era. Recently we have been  learning about Victorian houses and we had to do a Pages report on facts we collected from the web. Some of these facts were that most Victorian houses had bay windows – these were windows that stuck out and had three sides to it. Another was that the houses had an outside toilet.

Click here to see our Victorian report