In class we have been doing lots of different types of stories. Right now we are focusing on Action stories. Over the past 3 weeks we have been writing persuasive letters. For the first few weeks of storywriting we were writing stories based on book extracts. Our latest story was based on the first 2 chapters of The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. Our story was called Runaway.  A few of us were picked to do a twist in our story.

Persuasive Letters

This year in p6 we have been learning how to write a persuasive letters in story writing.  We have done two in the past few weeks the first one was about improving a local park. The second one was about the saving local community center from getting knocked down. We have been learning about how much rhetorical questions can help persuade the reader. Emotional language is also really good to have in your persuade letter because the reader will know how you feel.

Wedding Cakes

Primary 6 are learning about wedding cakes. On the computers we made a poster that had lots of pictures of traditional wedding cakes. In class we designed a wedding cake on A4 paper. When we designed the wedding cake, we had to have 3 teirs. Then we made a origami wedding cake. Once we have finished next week we are designing the wedding cake.