Our Graph Work

In class  we have been learning about graphs.We have learned that to make a bar graph you have to gather information in tally marks then you draw the bar graph and lable it . If you are making a line graph you make a tally table then you make the information into  a line graph by making straight lines to where it shows the number.

Our Wedding Topic

In class we have been learning about weddings and engagements. We have been using Glow to upload photos. We have been using digital cameras to take photos of us pretending to get married.  We have also been working in groups and in pairs talking about how to plan  a wedding. We wrote a paragraph about engagements in our jotters. We also went on to the internet and uploaded photos onto Comic Life.

Wedding Topic

Primary 6 have been using the computers to do some research on our RME topic on Weddings. We made Engagement cards out of different types of paper. We made comic life documents on Planning a Wedding and Engagements then we uploaded them to Glow. We went on the Internet to look at pictures of wedding rings, dresses, suits, cars and cakes. We have learned the traditions of Engagements. It is traditional for the man to propose on one knee with a very expensive ring. Sometimes if the family are overjoyed they will put an engagement notice in the local newspaper. We worked in partners to take photographs of the traditions of an Engagement.

Planning A Wedding On Comic Life

Over the past few weeks primary 6 has been using the computers. We have been learning how to use comic life.   Before we were using the computers on comic life, we had to plan an engagement.  Then we went on the computers and opened up comic life and dragged a panel and put them in order.  Then in class we brain stormed what you need to have for a wedding in our groups. Before we brain stormed what you need for a wedding, we got all the cameras we could possibly get and we went to the gym hall and we took pictures. Then we uploaded the pictures to the computers and we made a comic life document. Then we planned a wedding and went on the internet and searched for wedding pictures.  We made another comic life of planning a wedding.

Planning A Wedding

Primary 6 has  been  studying  weddings. We have used comic life two times,  one for engagements and one for  weddings. We  have made wedding  cards and also we did a big brain storm about the things needed for a wedding.

We took  some  photos to show  what a wedding would  look  like. Then we put them on Comic Life.

We also wrote  a paragraph  about  a wedding.

Our Wedding Topic

This year primary 6 have been learning about weddings. So far this year our class have been using comic life. The first time that we used comic life was to to plan an engagement and the second time was to plan a wedding.

Planning an engagement was really good because we got to take pictures of our partner to explain what happens during an engagement.

Planning a wedding is really good to because  we learned how to take pictures off of the internet and put them on to comic life.

Also at the very beginning of the year we made engagement cards and that was really fun too.