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This week in solihull we learned about helpful and unhelpful behaviour. We also learned about brain development. If you dont care about your baby when there younger they still have that in them so they do risky things when they are older. Also we talked about, if a teenager is driving his self he would be a good driver but if they put his friends in the car he wouldn’t care about the road because he boils want to show of.


week 1

we were talking about the smells were our favorite  smells and all of the emotions we feel in our daily life.

week 2

we discussed about baby brain and how it will develop as we get older it was wery interesting .

week 3

in this week we talked about the baby brain and how if a baby is looked after properly they will be more ready to learn but if they’re not they not be focused and ready.


this week we talked about the baby and if it’s not supported it will be sad and angry without a bond.



Week1-We talked about what our favourite smells were and what they reminded us of.I said I love the smell of melted chocolate because it reminded me of making chocolate marshmallows.

Week 2- We watched a video about a baby being born and learnt how it developed.I found the video really interesting and informative.

I really enjoy Solihull and hope to learn a bit more about it.


Week 1:

In the first week of Solihull we had to talk about all our feelings , we also had to think of a nice smell that made you think of a memory that has happened in your life .

Week 2:

In the second week of Solihull we were learning about the baby’s brain and how it sees when its first born , we also learned that the baby’s brain is all smooth but it wrinkles up when you start to learn . Your brain becomes full before the age of one . I found learning about the baby’s brain very interesting .


Week 1

In the first week we where talking about emotions and when we smell something we like it makes us think of a good thing that happened in your life.


Last week we where learning about a baby’s brain and how it can see and also how the baby’s brain becomes full of thing before it is 1 years old I found this interesting to watch because then you now what is going on in thier head.



Week 1:

In the first week of solihull we were taking about emotions and our favourite smell of things we like

Week 2:

On the second week of solihull we were taking about a babies brain and how it develops over a few weeks and the cells connect to each other.  The baby has to more brain cells than it will ever need. Once the brains cells connect to each other it causes less room so the develop wrinkles on the brain.


Kilbowie 😀

Last week we went to Kilbowie in Oban. It was really fun and it was a great experience. At Kilbowie my favourite activity was climbing and my least favourite activity was safari. The meals weren’t too good. At Kilbowie I meet a lot of new friends and the good thing was they were going to high school with me.