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This  week we learned about a parents worries and concerns and how they can build a invisible barrier between the child and parent but sometimes they cant balance all the emotions and worries. We demonstrated this with a fake baby, fake parent and ball pit balls and putting them in the arms of the fake parent, and it showed that you are not paying a lot of attention to your baby and this is how the invisible barrier is made.


This week in solihull we learned about helpful and unhelpful behaviour. We also learned about brain development. If you dont care about your baby when there younger they still have that in them so they do risky things when they are older. Also we talked about, if a teenager is driving his self he would be a good driver but if they put his friends in the car he wouldn’t care about the road because he boils want to show of.

french months and days of the year

ENGLISH                          MONTHS                                 FRENCH
January                                                                                      Janvier
February                                                                                   Février
March                                                                                           Mars
April                                                                                               Avril
May                                                                                                Mai
June                                                                                               Juin
July                                                                                              Juillet
August                                                                                       Août
September                                                                           Septembre
October                                                                                      Octobre
November                                                                           Novembre
December                                                                        Décembra

English                             days                                                      French

Monday                                                                                    Lundi                                        Tuesday                                                                                     Mardi
Wednesday                                                                               Mercredi
Thursday                                                                                       Jeudi
Friday                                                                                        Vendredi
Saturday                                                                                   Samedi
Sunday                                                                                    Dimanche



Mr Finnon i read a book called hero it was writing by sarah lean. it was about a dog that was a hero. He was a hero because he saved alot of people one day he saw a men in the park that men was hitting dogs when he come to him he put the dog in the car and go some were with him the dog was trying to get out the car but every time he wanted to get out the man was hitting him so he give up.I read only one chapter. I really engoy this book