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Scarborough Homework Post


On the first day we went to vindolanda and it was really fun. Then we went to the hotel (The Grand Hotel) and went to our rooms to put everything away.Later we went to the beach.


The first night was good and nothing really happened.


On the 2nd day went to York. We went on  boat cruise and later explored an viking museum called YORVIK. After that we went to York’s Chocolate Story and tasted some chocolates.Then we went back to the hotel , had our dinner and went to the beach again.


The 2nd night was similar to the first one.



On the 3rd day we went to flamingo land and went on rides and go to the arcade. My favourite ride was “The Lost River” ride which actually got stuck but that was when I wasn’t on it. Then we went back to the hotel ,had our dinner and went bowling.


The third night was really bad because the light wouldn’t turn off so we went to tell Father Kristof about it. Father went and got someone from the hotel to help. They said we can give you another room but we weren’t allowed to switch rooms so we had to take light bulb out but once we did that all of our lights stop working! We got to sleep at 12:30 and we should’ve at 11:00.


On the 4th day we had breakfast packed up and went on the bus. On the way home we stopped at a science centre called Life and explored that.Then we went straight home and everyone was all back safe at the school.


The weather

Mr Finnon told me that the weather would be really bad this week and that for homework we should go on glow and talk about the horrific weather. On the 26th of Febuary it’s going to be really cold during the night. On the 27th it will snow from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning. I’m really annoyed at that because if the snow stays football training will be cancelled 🙁

My Saint

My Saint will be Saint Patrick because that is my patron saint of my  parish. St Patrick’s feast day  is on march the 17th because that’s the day he died. He was born in 385 AD in Britannia and he is the patron Saint of Ireland. St Patrick’s full name is Maewyn Succat.  The year he died in was 461 AD.