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This week in solihull we learned about relationships with a mother and a baby. Someone went up and had to hold a toy baby and act like its mother. The mother couldn’t see the baby because her head was filled with worries. Her son’s teacher invited her over to the school and she talked about her worries and it made her head a bit clearer to see her baby. This is only an example. If a mother is very stressed and doesn’t pay attention to her baby that baby would turn into a stressed baby.


This week in solihull we learned about helpful and unhelpful behaviour. We also learned about brain development. If you dont care about your baby when there younger they still have that in them so they do risky things when they are older. Also we talked about, if a teenager is driving his self he would be a good driver but if they put his friends in the car he wouldn’t care about the road. If people got neglected or no one cared about them when they were younger they would do stuff like get into fights and other bad stuff.


week 1:

The first week we were talking about feelings and emotions. We learned new feelings but some we already knew. Also we talked about certain smells that smelled like something to do with our family.

week 2:

last week we watched a video about a baby called Robert. It is about how babies don’t have certain senses when they are born. Babies see black and white and see what they hear. Adults thinks babies cry for food but sometimes they cry because they get frustrated because they cant get something. At the end we wrote on the board about what we learned about babies.


Monday              Lundi

Tuesday               Mardi

Wednesday        Mercredi

Thursday              Jeudi

Friday                    Vendredi

Saturday               Samedi

Sunday                  Dimanche

January.                   Janvier

Feburay.                 Fevrier

March.                     Mars

April.                         Avril

May.                           Mai

June.                         Juin

July.                           Juillet

August.                    Aout

September.            Septembre

October.                   Octobre

November.               Novembre

December.                 Decembre
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Kilbowie 😀

Last week we went to Kilbowie in Oban. It was really fun and it was a great experience. At Kilbowie my favourite activity was climbing and my least favourite activity was safari. The meals weren’t too good. At Kilbowie I meet a lot of new friends and the good thing was they were going to high school with me.