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Week 1

In the first week we where talking about emotions and when we smell something we like it makes us think of a good thing that happened in your life.


Last week we where learning about a baby’s brain and how it can see and also how the baby’s brain becomes full of thing before it is 1 years old I found this interesting to watch because then you now what is going on in thier head.


🇫🇷 French 🇫🇷

Monday             Lundi

Tuesday           Mardi

Wednesday    Meraredi

Thursday         Jeudie

Friday                Vendredi

Saturday         Samedi

Sunday.            Dimanche

January      Janvier

February    Fèvrier

March          Mars

April              Avril

May             Mai

June           Juin

July             Juillet

August       Août

 September   Septembre

October          Octobre

November       Novembre

December       Decembre