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Week 1:

In the first week of Solihull we had to talk about all our feelings , we also had to think of a nice smell that made you think of a memory that has happened in your life .

Week 2:

In the second week of Solihull we were learning about the baby’s brain and how it sees when its first born , we also learned that the baby’s brain is all smooth but it wrinkles up when you start to learn . Your brain becomes full before the age of one . I found learning about the baby’s brain very interesting .

French 🇫🇷

In school we learned the Days of the week and the Months of the year in French .

Days Of The Week :

Monday – Lundi

Tuesday – Mardi

Wednesday – Mercredi

Thursday – Jeudi

Friday – Vendredi

Saturday – Samedi

Sunday – Dimanche

Months Of The Year:

January – Janvier

February – Fevrier

March – Mars

April – Avril

May – Mai

June – Juin

July – Juillet

August – Aout

September – Septembre

October – Octobre

November – Novembre

December – Decembre

My Birthday is on the Seize of Juillet .

Kilbowie 💕

My favourite activity at Kilbowie was Skiing because I had never done skiing before and I think it was really fun .

The activity I found most challenging was Canoeing because it was really tireing in your arms .

The person that surprised me the most at Kilbowie was kayla because she took on every challenge .

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In class we are reading a novel called Dragonfire and we have just read chapter 21. It is about the Edinburgh Tattoo . Lady Ellan , Neil and Clara have got the firestone belt off of Dougal MacLeod but still need the necklace and the ring before Lord Rothlan gets the precious firestones . They are planning to get them off of Dougal at the Festival by merging into one his men and sneak it off him …image