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Week 4 we learned about mothers with their baby’s and if the mum gets so stressed she can’t see the baby because she’s go through so much and not making a connection. .We also learned that if the mum tells someone their worries the cannot keep them the have to give them back but they can listen and help them but not carry them .


For homework we had to make our sentences much better using connectives .

1.In Feburay i sometimes go to my dance teacher competition.

1.In Feburay i go to my dance teachers competition but i don’t go all the time .

2.In the winter i always get a bad cough

2.When winter comes i get a really bad cough and its very sore.

3.Once when i when to a competition they were always announcing my dance schools name because we where always winning .

3.Once when i went to a competition my dance school were always being announced because we kept winning and my dance teacher was very happy .

4.After careful analysis he decided not to go.


5.I like to seperate my pens and pencils

5.When i sort out my pens and pencils i like to seperate them into different parts.