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Week1-We talked about what our favourite smells were and what they reminded us of.I said I love the smell of melted chocolate because it reminded me of making chocolate marshmallows.

Week 2- We watched a video about a baby being born and learnt how it developed.I found the video really interesting and informative.

I really enjoy Solihull and hope to learn a bit more about it.

French days and months of the year

Days                                                                                            Months

lundi – Monday                                                                       janvier – January

mardi – Tuesday                                                                   février – February

mecredi – Wednesday                                                       mars – March

jeudi –  Thursday                                                                  avril – April

vendredi – Friday                                                                  mai – May

samedi – Saturday                                                                juin – June

dimanche – Sunday                                                         juillet – July

                                                                                                       août – August

                                                                                     septembre –  September

octobre     –  October

novembre   – November

decembre – December


Kilbowie was so fun because I got to share a room with my friends and got to do a lot of fun activities.

My favourite activity was rock climbing because it was very challenging and I completed all four walls and I pushed myself.

I really enjoyed the disco on the last night.It was brilliant!!

The person that surprised me the most was Kornelia.Even though I wasn’t in her activity group I’m sure she done well at all the activities.