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Solihull Project

Week 4 – this week we learned about a parents  worries/concerns and how they can build a invisible barrier between the child and parent. But sometimes when the parent has a young child and a older child they cant balance all the emotions and worries. We demonstrated this with a fake baby, fake parent and ball pit balls and putting them in the arms of the fake parent, and it showed that you are not paying a lot of attention to your baby and this is how the invisible barrier is made.

Solihull Project

Week 1 – During week one of Solihull we spoke about what our favourite smell was. We also talked about our emotions and different emotions that i have never heard of before.

Week 2 – In week two we learned about how a baby’s brain is smooth when it is first born but then when they get older they start to get more connections, this happens because if a baby cry’s it would get picked up and that would connect one to another.

Week 3-  This week we learned about containment and how you can be contained by body body language and the expressions on your face. We looked at a powerpoint on the computer and i found this very interesting and fun to participate in this lesson.


                                                  Day’s                                                  Month’s

                                       Monday – Lundi                                      January – Janvier

                                      Tuesday – Mardi                                     February – Fevrier

                                      Wednesday – Mercredi                     March – Mars

                                      Thursday – Jeudi                                   April – Avril

                                       Friday – Vendredi                                May – Mai

                                      Saturday – Samedi                              June – Juin

                                      Sunday – Dimanche                           July – Juillet

         August – Aout

        September  – Septembre

      October – Octobre

November – Novembre

     December – Decembre­


In Kilbowie my favourite activity was skiing because i got really high up in the levels and i didn’t fall and hurt myself. I really enjoyed Kilbowie because of my room which inclued Me and Millie , my group and my table that we got to choose. When i heard of Kilbowie i thought it was going to very scary but for me it was fun and easy.