Homework – my trip to the wear yellow walk and m&ds!

When we first arrived at Strathclyde Park we received our hats and little water bottles but as we were walking up this man shouted “ST THOMAS’ PRIMARY SCHOOL!” and then we had to scream and shout:) Then we actually started the 6K walk for St. Andrews Hospice, it was fine at the beginning but when we walked quite far my legs started to get really sore:( Then we sat down for about 15 minutes and ate our snacks. When we started walking again my legs were still in pain! We had to walk from there to the end without any breaks. Then we finally made it and got our lunch:DĀ  I also saw my two friends, one that lives close by my house and one that used to go to our school! When we were going away we saw the band ‘The Cutkelvins’ performing on stage. The worst thing about this trip was that we had to walk to M&Ds because the bus wouldn’t take us:( But then finally, we got to M&Ds!! So the first ride I went on was called ‘Mad Mouse’ (obviously!) and then I went on many different rides. My favourite rides are probably Mad Mouse and White Water because Mad Mouse is very fast and exciting and on White Water you get soaked! I had SO much fun and I hope next year if I’m not going to Scarborough we’ll go to M&Ds again! Ā  -THE END-

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