my week

my week was amazing because we learned fractions  l learned that you will need them in  your life like to cut a cake ,pizza ,pie and many more things.Also we learned some freach and we done some art . i really enjoned the  art on friday we had a spelling test and a maths test .this week was amazing thank you Mr. finnon

My week

On Monday I had to go to school and then I came back and had a steak bake for dinner. Tuesday was really good as we did singing in the afternoon and I went to dancing.  After that we went to Tesco for Freddo hot chocolate and it was amazing .  I went to soup club on Wednesday and made Lentil and Vegetable soup.  It tasted great. Dancing was also on and after that we went to Hamilton to meet my brother and go shopping. On Thursday we didn’t do much except from dancing and Moons.  Today is Friday and so far it has been great!


On Monday it was okay we got our spelling words and after school l got a Mcdonnalds with Rhiannon my sister then on Tuesday l just could not be botherd wit anything on Wednesday l learned fractions and on Thursday i ran up and down my hall untell l stop  I THOUGHT I HAD THE BLEEP TEST!!  so this is my week .