Me and my freinds all went to kilbowie on Monday the 31st of oct 2016. we all done amazing activites. my favriote was sking you got to go down so meany ski slopes my second Β favriote was gorge you got to jump in cold water it was exelent. and my last favriote was hill climbing all of the activites are my favriote but thes where my best and fun activites (we had the time of out life)xx


Kilbowie was so fun because I got to share a room with my friends and got to do a lot of fun activities.

My favourite activity was rock climbing because it was very challenging and I completed all four walls and I pushed myself.

I really enjoyed the disco on the last night.It was brilliant!!

The person that surprised me the most was Kornelia.Even though I wasn’t in her activity group I’m sure she done well at all the activities.


My favourite activity was canoeing because it was really fun and then I got to jump in the sea.

The person that surprised me was C O’D because he helped with the canoeing and he worked hard.

I enjoyed Kilbowie because I got to share a room with my friends. I Β enjoyed the activities were really fun I had a blast I loved the experience I would go back again.