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Parent Council – Friends of Lawmuir Vacancies






To all members of Lawmuir Primary School Parent Forum

Lawmuir Primary Parent Council Vacancies

There are presently a number of vacancies on Lawmuir Parent Council ‘Friends of Lawmuir’. I would advise you that as a member of the school’s Parent Forum, you are entitled to put yourself forward for membership of the Parent Council.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Parent Council, please express your interest by completing the online form no later than Wednesday 23rd September.

Please note that if the number of interested parents exceeds the number of places available then members will be decided by formal ballot.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Tracy Hurst


Click the link below to express interest in becoming a member of Lawmuir Primary School Parent Council.

Please return the completed form to the school office by no later than Wednesday 23rd September

School Meals Changes August 2020

School Meals Changes August 2020

Things will be a bit different when we return for the new school year. It is important that we follow strict procedures to keep everyone safe while there is still any risk of the coronavirus spreading again.

We are taking cash out of the process which will help reduce the spread of the virus. (Localised solutions will be in place for anyone who is unable to sign up for online payments.)

Many parents/carers have already signed up to use online payments, those who have not registered will receive a text message with a unique reference number for each child.

Once you have received the unique account reference number for your child/children you can sign up using the instructions Register for Online School Payments

If you have already registered for online school payments for either school meals or school trips and other expenses, you will not receive a text, you just need to click on the make a payment link below and sign in and top up your child’s school meal account.

Make a payment onlineOpens new window

There will be a limited menu in all schools this will include some hot meal choices.

See the update School Menu below

Primary School Menu