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Client Server Vs Peer to Peer

Client – Server

  • All resources (printer, files and Internet) on the network are controlled by the server.
  • Centralised storage of data
  • Centralised storage of data means regular back-ups can be made from the server.
  • Security is set of easily using a server and client network.  Usernames and password are easily given along with access levels for users.
  • Used in businesses (banks) and organisations (schools, colleges, universities.)

Peer to Peer

  • No centralised storage.  Each workstation stores its data independently.
  • No centralised storage means no back up system.
  • Security is difficult because there is no mechanism for central access.
  • Best suited with a trusting environment.  Family home or small office.

Password Security

I found this image on the net and I would have endorsed it whole heartily in the past but my choice of passwords has changed recently.

(c) zonealarm

One of the reasons for making passwords cryptic was to stop the casual observer keyboard watching your password. Now though we tend to use our own machine so the need to protect against observers has lessened. However recent GPU based password crackers have rendered this method of password creation virtually obsolete, so we need a new way to remember passwords.

We are no longer limited to 8 character passwords (can you guess why the limit was 8?), so we could use a sentence. The chances are though, there will be password dictionary based on song lyrics or movie quotes along any day now and Artificial Intelligence might make a good stab at these in the future. So we need a way of remembering passwords that are strong and hard to brute force. I found this image that conveys this perfectly.

(c) XKCD.com

So the next time Facebook or Glow asks you to create a password, try and think outside the box.

REMEMBER attempting to access someone else’s account is illegal and a breach of the Computer misuse act in the UK. The Internet makes it easy to access computers around the world and some countries have more severe penalties.