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Flash Games Development

We have just been sent a list of Adobe games development website that might be useful to you in the future. Have a look at them in your own time, some of the links do not work inside school.


Resource wise there are the Adobe gaming evangelist blogs:

http://blog.flashgen.com (Mike Jones’)
http://www.flashrealtime.com (Tom’s)
http://www.theflashblog.com (Lee Brimelow’s)
http://www.gototandlearn.com (also Lee’s)
http://www.duvos.com/ (Enrique Duvos’s)

Also there are numerous Flash gaming site both for Flash games and as resources. The biggest Flash gaming site is probably Kongregate – http://www.kongregate.com –  (if fact they have just launched a Flash arcade app for Android).

Developer resources tend to focus around engines / frameworks. So you have the following resources

Pushbutton Engine (http://www.pushbuttonengine.com) – I have a few articles on my blog about PBE
Flixel (http://flixel.org) – Lee has done a good video tutorial on this
Papervision3d (http://www.papervision3d.org)
Away3D (http://www.away3d.com)