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Work for Tuesday 24th Sept.

A lot of the peripherals unit is investigation and comparison of similar products. A huge part of any IT professionals business revolves around knowing what the customer wants even when the customer can’t express it.

Take for example a design brief where the customer is looking for a way of getting photographs on to a DVD. We would need to know the following pieces of information.

  • Are the photographs already on the computer or would they need to be digitised.
  • Do they need to be edited before being placed on the disc
  • What format does the customer want them in, what about compression?
  • How many photographs?
  • What operating system?
  • Does the computer have a DVD writer?

Most of us would naturally start asking these question without thinking. However, in this unit we also need to compare the product we are suggesting with other similar products. This requires us to identify criteria we can use to pick the best product.

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