Homework – Topic 4 – Peripherals

Q1 A peripheral device captures colour images and saves them to memory.
a) Describe how the colour is represented using 24 bits (1)
b) The image is saved with a resolution of 600 dpi. How many pixels are required to save an image of 6” x 4”. Give your answer in MB and show your working. (2)
Q2 Explain how a buffer is used with a peripheral. (2)
Q3 Explain the concept of spooling illustrating your answer with an example. (2)
Q4 State the hardware required in terms of peripherals to set up a computer system to produce a catalogue for a garden centre. The finished catalogue will be taken on electronic media to a printers. (2)
Q5 Justify the choice of two of these devices in terms of resolution, capacity, speed, cost and compatibility. (4)
Q6 Describe the features, uses and advantages of a solid state device such as a USB flash drive. (2)
Q7 a) What is the purpose of an interface? (1)
b) State the factors that have to be resolved by an interface. (2)
Q8 Describe the difference between parallel and serial interfaces (2)
Total marks 20