Today’s task

The Extremegraph office manager decides to replace her computer with a new all-in-one touch screen
computer, complete with one of the latest 64 bit operating systems.  She decides she needs an external
Blu-ray writer to store the high definition video clips which she uses to promote sales of computer
games.  Since she uses lots of secure passwords, which are difficult to remember, she decides she
needs password protection software.  She also needs a robust external hard drive to take data to
meetings with suppliers.
She decides to purchase:
An all-in-one computer with a 64-bit processor, a minimum of 2 Gigabytes of RAM, a touch
screen, and a 64-bit operating system
•  An external Blu-ray writer with a minimum write speed of 4X
•  An external solid-state hard drive with a minimum of 128 Gigabytes capacity
•  Password protection software
The total budget is set at £2000.