Microsoft Mirage Table

The kinect is basically a depth sensitive web cam. Researchers at Microsoft have created a 3D video conferencing tool that includes aspects of augmented reality as well as 3D scanning.

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More details here. Now the thing is that this looks a lot like a scene from Minority Report (the 2002 movie). However, while the film has 3D holographic projectors, running from a 2D source. Microsoft has 3D capture and uses a 3D projector to convince the user that they are seeing in 3D.

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In ten years we have went from a science fiction film based in 2054 to a working prototype.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Mirage Table”

  1. Dear mr startton
    i am computer science student from university of Bahrain and i am working on my senior project and am planning to do a prototype for the mirage table am hopefully that you have the source code where i can develop it or anything that will help me to work on it

    1. I don’t have access to the source code. However if I was in your position I would do the following.
      The best thing to do would be to have a look at the Kinect SDK. Then hit Google for some Kinect SDK forums. That should give you a start point and hopefully put you in touch the Kinect modification community. If you are looking for a more step by step guide then tutorial websites like instructables might give you what you are after. Remember there is no path better remembered, than the one that was the hardest.

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