Personnel in software development

  • Identification of the personnel at each stage and brief description of their roles
    • client
    • systems analyst
    • project manager
    • programmer
    • independent test group

The roles of people in the software development process were covered in the course, let’s go back over them.

The client awards the contract to a software house, they are involved in the analysis stage to answer questions and help create the software specification. The may be used at the testing stage to perform testing on the final product. Their involvent is not required at the other stages as the software specification should give the software hues all the info they need.

Systems analysist works with the client to produce the software specificatio, they are also involved with the design team to help clarify any points in the specification.

The project manager is responsible for the project being delivered on time and in budget, they do not need to have programming experience although this helps. They are involved at all stages of the process.

Programers are involved at the design, implementation, testing, documentation & maintance stages and are responsible for producing a working and correct program.

Independant test groups are used to test the program, this is sometimes classed beta testing. Not being part of the programming teams gives them a more objective view of the program. Often these testing groups are made up of members of it he public as well as specialists.