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Personal and Social Development

psdPersonal and Social Development
This area of the curriculum is concerned with educating our children to cope with life.  It is a vital area of learning and teaching and the work we do in this area helps our pupils to deal with difficult situations, but also helps in creating young, relaxed and confident learners.  We have a comprehensive and progressive programme in place, which focuses on developing skills such as independence, interdependence, self-awareness and self-confidence.  
Code of Behaviour
The aim of the ethos policy in Castlehill Primary is to promote in our pupils an ethos of achievement, equality, honesty and concern for others.
·       To foster a sense of pride in our school community and celebrate our successes.
·       To ensure that all members of our school community are treated equally and with respect.
·       To encourage all to value honesty and fairness.
·       To motivate children to co-operate with and show consideration for other people.
Golden Rules
DO  be gentle,                      DON’T  hurt anybody.
DO  be kind and helpful,   DON’T  hurt people’s feelings.
DO  be honest,                    DON’T  cover up the truth.
DO  work hard,                   DON’T  waste time.
DO  look after property,    DON’T  waste or damage things.
DO  listen to people,          DON’T interrupt
There are a few rules for pupil and staff safety which children are encouraged to follow.
Guidelines for inside the building
·       Pupils should walk quietly at all times while in the school building.
·       Children should be polite and courteous towards all staff, fellow pupils and visitors.
·       Pupils will be encouraged to show respect for school property and that of other pupils.
·       Children bringing toys, games, etc. do so at their own risk.
·       Playing in the toilets is dangerous and unhygienic and will be discouraged.
·       In bad weather when children are permitted to remain inside the school building, normal acceptable behaviour must be maintained.  Children who persistently misbehave may have the privilege withdrawn.
·       Children should be in school for 9.00 a.m.
·       All children are expected to complete a daily work programme and any unfinished work will be sent home.
Guidelines for outside the school building
·       Children should stay within the school grounds at intervals.
·       Pupils should only re-enter the building at intervals in the event of an emergency.
·       In the interests of safety, pupils should not climb on to the wall, fence, etc.
·       Grass should be considered out of bounds except in dry weather.
·       Ball games are allowed on the grassed areas only – weather permitting.
·       In the interests of safety, objects should not be thrown.
·       In the interests of safety and hygiene, litter should be put in the bins provided.
·       Fighting, whether real or pretend, is not allowed.
·       When the bell rings pupils should immediately line up.
·       Pupils should not leave the school premises, building or grounds, without the permission of the head
        teacher, or depute.
·       Any incidents should be reported to an adult in the playground, who may or may not decide to report it further to the DHT or HT.
Respect Me
(Work in Progress as part of this year’s School Improvement Plan.)
A Definition
Persistent intentional behaviour which causes stress to a person emotionally, physically or mentally, where a person is made to feel insecure, threatened, inadequate or isolated.
Bullying is not allowed and should be reported at once by anyone seeing it or suffering from it.  Bullying will be dealt with most severely.
Castlehill’s Bullying Code of Practice
·       WALK AWAY
·       KEEP CALM
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