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Story 2

Hi everyone,

There have been some problems uploading the videos to the blog we do apologise. We have uploaded last weeks story on the Cambusnethan Twitter Page.

This weeks story is brought to you by Ms Robertson. This link will be available for 5 days.

The witch collected lots of friends didn’t she? Did you have a think about who you would put on your broom? Why not try this task….

Story 1

This weeks story is brought to you by Mrs Garvie, she is reading one of her favourite stories, “The Selfish Crocodile”.

Simply click on this link and press download to hear the story (Disclosure…this may take up to 10 mins to download)

Once you have read the story try these tasks…
* Tell an adult which part of the story you liked best
* Can you describe what the crocodile looked like
* How many animals did you spot in the book


Boys and Girls,
Normally you would have had the opportunity to come into school to meet your teacher and see your class but we couldn’t do it this year because the virus has kept us all home. We were all looking forward to meeting you and some of the infant staff have recorded a little video to share with you. We will post a different story each week for you to listen to, all you need to do is follow the link.