Microsoft Teams

All of our classes are being conducted on Microsoft Teams. There are a few common problems that some people have experienced, here are some solutions.

Where is Teams?

You can get access to MS teams by searching for and going to the Glow Scotland Website. Then Click on the MS Teams icon.

It won’t let me login to Glow!

If it is not accepting your Glow username and password then please phone the school on 01698 274920. We will reset your username and password.

I can log into Glow but Teams is not working!

Sometimes the browser can become confused as to what account is trying to access the site. Please use Google Chrome when accessing Glow. Also when you click on the Teams icon it might ask you to chose an account. Please pick the account.


I have this Error and I can’t get into Teams!

Please click on “Click here to sign in with a different account to the site” and then enter your Glow email address, which is and your password.

Where do I find the work?

At the left hand side of the Teams window you will see the sidebar below, please click where it says Teams, all of the class Teams should appear.

If there is a Team missing then please contact the school and they will make sure you are added to the Team.

Why is the meeting scheduled for during the night!

The chances are your computer’s clock is set to the wrong time zone. You can check that from inside your settings. There is always the possibility that the teachers clock is set to the wrong time zone. Please check yours first before contacting the teacher.

The teacher said something about installing the app?

There are various versions of MS Teams for different platforms. This will give you the best and smoothest performance.

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