Pupil Access to Glow, Teams and Free Microsoft Office


Students can access glow by clicking on the link below or searching for Glow Scotland on Google. Students should have a note of their username and password. Any device can be used to access Glow, from a phone to a laptop to a game console.

Glow Scotland

If you need your glow username or password then email.

We have set up short term email accounts, if you are having problems with access to materials or other concerns then you can email the following faculties. Pupils know what faculty their subjects are based in.

For all other enquiries please use the following

Staff will do their very best to get back to you in a timely fashion. However, these are difficult times so please be patient.


Pupils can find their class Teams, by logging into Glow and clicking on the teams tile. All of the Teams they are a member of will be displayed . If their teacher has given them a code they can click join team and enter the code.

We would recommend that you install the Teams app on your device. This can be done by searching your app store and then signing in with <glowusername>@glow.sch.uk and your Glow password.

Free Microsoft Office

Students can also download for free the full version of Microsoft Office 365 by clicking on the tile “Download Office Now” in the Glow Launchpad.