Story Design

Today the topic was story design. There are lots of great stories in video games, some are hidden, some obvious and some virtually non existent. Good game design has to try and blend the story into the action.

There are a number of links on this topic and even an entire BSc(Hons) around it.

I found this site which tries focus on the story which makes the action take a back seat. What do you think?

Can you think of any games that make you come back time and again, not for the action but for the story?

Open Source Games

I am a big fan of free and open source games. They tend to require a lower spec than today’s block busters. Here is a list of some of the best games out there. You might recognise some of them, we have a lot of them on the machines.

Although looking at the list I may need to update some of the games, it looks like I am a release or two behind on them. I will update speed dreams tomorrow and add in the extra cars, etc.