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On Friday 7th May the school hosted its annual NLC School of Football trials as we began the process of selecting pupils who will be part of the programme from August 2021.  Thankfully the weather was on our side as hopeful participants showcased their footballing skills on the school’s football pitch.  Braidhurst hopes that everyone enjoyed the process and it was great to meet you in person.  Good luck to all of our budding football stars.


To celebrate Star Wars Day, on Tuesday 4th May, the Science Department created a fantastic Star Wars themed display on growth mindset and how it drives motivation and achievement.  Miss Watson, Biology Teacher, was the mastermind behind the display which successfully captured the attention of our pupils as they battled the decision to either go to the dark side by maintaining a fixed mindset, or to follow the force with a growth mindset, which will assist them in their school assessments and help them achieve their ambitions.  Which path will you choose?


Throughout the pandemic schools have been working closely with their communities to ensure that those in need are supported.  Our school is a great example of this collective and determined spirit.  The school continued to keep in touch with families, with staff volunteering to make phone calls; garden visits; positing welfare cards and sending regular emails and texts. Charities have also provided support and the school has ensured these were passed on to families who needed them.  In particular; Sunny sid3 Up charity donated £1000 in Farmfoods vouchers at Christmas; Tesco donate food on a weekly basis; The Daily Mail provided 10 free laptops; Vodaphone provided 8- top Up cards; generous benefactors who donated warm clothing; Motherwell Disclose for their financial donation and Freedom City Church who donated food parcels and numerous childrens toys – many of which were given to our local Family Learning Centre to distribute.  The school continues to distribute parcels of food to the local community with over 60 going out this week alone.   Carolyn Rooney, Head Teacher  said “We cannot thank everyone who has helped us support our pupils at Braidhurst enough – we are indebted to you”.


On Thursday 29th April a group of luck S3 pupils received an induction into the school’s brand new fitness suite.  The S5 PE Life Skills class led the induction which offered them an opportunity to enhance their inter-personal skills whilst ensuring that the S3 pupils will remain safe whilst using this fantastic resource.

Mental Health Ambassador Applications

Applications are now open to current S5 pupils to be a Mental Health Ambassador. A form can be collected from Miss Lyttle and should be returned by Monday 10th May. See the video below for a bit more info on what is involved….


During the pandemic the school library was still able to celebrate World Book Day 2021 by inviting pupils, at home and in school, to participate in an online reading quiz which tested their knowledge of children’s literature. The competition was fiercely contested with many pupils gaining high scores, however the eventual winners were Luci Groves and Ella Knight from S2 and Mark Burton from S1. The trio were each awarded a new book and chocolate Easter egg to celebrate their bookishness. Furthermore all S1 pupils were given a World Book Day token which they can redeem at participating stores and receive a free book of their choice.


North Lanarkshire Council’s ‘Read to Succeed’ programme, led by the Literacy base and school librarians, have gifted each S1 pupil a free book of their choice to encourage a love of reading for pleasure.

Due to the pandemic the distribution of the books was slightly delayed, but now that pupils have returned to school full-time, our S1 cohort began receiving their free book last week. Pupils were over the moon when they were invited to the school library to receive their book. Happy reading everyone.