Family Learning

I am Hollie Johnstone, Family Learning Worker for your school. I am based here in Whitehirst Park Primary four days a week from Monday to Thursday and hope to get to know all of you. My job is to encourage and support active engagement and collaboration with parents and carers while developing a range of strategies to support learning and mental and emotional wellbeing, giving all children the tools to go on to reach their potential.

What is happening in Term 3?

Family Morning Club
Monday 8.30am Monday Mindset
Tuesday 8.30am Arts and Crafts
Wednesday 8.30am Word Wednesdays
Thursday 8.30am Number Fun
Friday 8.30am Friday Fitness in the Gym Hall


      Mondays and Wednesdays

 3.15pm -4pm

  Access to i-pads, laptops and support!

Term 3 Family Learning Events

Wednesday 12th February


P2 Read, Write and Count Workshops
Tuesday 19th February


P3 Read, Write and Count Workshops
Thursday 20th February


Whole School Family Quiz and Food
Wednesday 26th February


P1 Stay and Play
Tuesday 17th March


Whole School Outdoor Workshop 1
Tuesday 24th March


Whole School Outdoor Workshop 1
Wednesday 1st April


P1 Stay and Play


Family Learning Survey Results: You said… We Will…September 2019

Recently we conducted a survey for parents to gather your views and identify next steps for Family Learning at Whitehirst Park.We also carried out a focus group with our pupils to hear their opinions of what they want Family Learning to look like in our school. Here are the results and how we will work towards achieving them:

You said it would make you attend a Family Learning session if:

  • You were able to bring children
  • We offered stay and play sessions
  • We had support workshops for additional learning
  • We run our workshops at drop off and pick up times
  • Give you more notice

        We will:

  • Continue to welcome all members of the family to any workshop or session including younger children and babies.
  • Run a Stay and Play session for Primary 1 most months as part of their transition.
  • Have Additional Learning support workshops that target different methods for support i.e. Nessy, IDL, BugClub, Sumdog etc.
  • Send out a letter, tweet and Xpression message one week prior to the workshop and then send out a reminder on Twitter the day before the workshop. All dates for Term 1 and 2 have been added to the website calendar and in the newsletter as always.

You said you would like Family Learning Opportunities such as:

  • Whole School events
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Siblings allowed to attend
  • Homework clubs
  • Morning clubs
  • Outdoor experiences

        We will:

  • Hold at least one whole school workshop per term
  • Continue to run our Arts and Crafts morning every Tuesday from 8:30am – 9am
  • Continue to welcome all members of the family to any workshop or session including younger children and babies.
  • Continue to run our Homework Hub every Monday and Wednesday from 3:15pm – 4pm
  • Continue to run our Morning Club every school day morning from 8:30am – 9am
  • Run outdoor Family Learning workshops

3. You said you are unsure of what a Family Learning Worker’s role is …My main role is to encourage and support active engagement and collaboration with ALL parents and carers. I am here to help you to help your child. I can support both parents and pupils.

Reasons parents / carers benefit from my support :

  • Better understanding of how to support with homework or class work
  • Support with behaviour at home e.g. sleeping, eating
  • Improving awareness of how you child is taught
  • Improving awareness of childrens’ health and well being
  • Supporting children and young people to stay safe and active
  • Ensuring our children are equipped with the right life skills for learning, life and work

Reasons children and young people benefit from my support :

  • Development of social skills and peer relationships
  • Strategies to cope with change or self esteem issues
  • Strategies to deal with behaviour in class or at home
  • New to the area

You said it is best to communicate with you via text message, e-mail, twitter, Xpressions app and letters in bags.

We have always done this, but we understand that sometimes things can get missed! We will continue to send home a letter for each worskshop and we will also put it on our calendar, Xpressions app and on Twitter. We will only send out a text message if we require immediate answer or it is a matter of urgency.

You said we do NOT provide opportunities such as allowing siblings to attend workshops nor do we have any Family Learning opportunities before or after school hours.

  • We apologise if you have misunderstood! We have always welcomed all members of the family to our workshops and we will CONTINUE to invite all members of the family, including siblings of any age along.
  • We will also continue to run our workshops before school starts ie. Morning club every day at 8:30am and Homework Hub on a Monday and Wednesday 3:15pm – 4pm. Over the next two terms we have special themes on which have a different learning focus i.e. Halloween, Bugclub, Sumdog.

You said you were unsure of how you would get in contact with myself (Hollie Johnstone, Family Learning Worker)

You can communicate with me by phoning the school on 01294 554538 Or by e-mail gw19johnstonehollie@ea.n-ayrshire.sch.ukPlease get in touch if you think I can help you or family in any way!

You said all the workshop ideas given were something you would attend and find helpful. We will run them ALL!