We have weekly assemblies where we talk about current events, work on Rights Respecting Schools and celebrate achievements.  We often use Picture News to discuss currrent news/event.

The resources in this section explore the Picture News question of the week a little further.  There are questions for further discussion and some suggested activities.  These are all optional.

Wednesday 1st April
Can you think of ways to remain positive during difficult times?

You can access resources to explore the question of the week further by clicking these links:

Primary 1-3                      Primary 4-7

We also love to sing along to some Fischy Music.  Fischy are holding a youtube assembly every Monday at 11am or you can access some of their songs below:

  1. Monday morning assembly on YouTube: Tune in and join us for our weekly online assemblies, 11AM on Mondays at
  2. FischyTunes: Our music video website for children. They can watch our songs for free at (we’ve just added some more Fischy favourites this week).
  3. Spotify (and other streaming platforms): Pop on our “Twenty Years of Fischy Music” album on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or wherever you stream your music.

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