Wider Achievement


What is Wider Achievement?

Wider Achievement recognises the life and work skills that come from a wide range of activities which can include sport, mentoring, voluntary work or fundraising activities — whether they take place at school, college or elsewhere.

How does this work in North Ayrshire?

Many young people do a variety of activities outside of the classroom, both in and out of school. It is important that they get support and recognition for these activities.  Schools in North Ayrshire are supporting young people to gain wider achievement awards for the variety of activities that young people do

Work is being done with a variety of partners and volunteers to offer a wide range of opportunities for young people to develop skills which they need to succeed in life.  There is scope to develop confidence, build leadership skills, problem solve, work in teams and become more creative and gain recognised awards for doing so.

An example of this is the Yuletide event in West Kilbride where young people helped the village community group set up and co-ordinate the evening event and learned practical skills at the same time. This included organising the Primary school competition, working with a Graphic Design company to produce the advertising materials for the event, interviewing shop owners, hosting the event and doing the publicity. They also organised and ran the music event that took place on the following evening

These can be SQA awards, Amazing Things and Saltire Awards.

To see how our wider achievement activity provides flexiblity and added value to young people watch these videos on youtube.


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