Listening Practice


Some useful websites for practising listening.

Youtube – look up some of your favourite shows in French.  You can find short clips of Friends, The Big Bang Theory and loads more.

Fluentu – a great website which recommends videos on Youtube and gives you an idea of the difficulty.  Some even give you useful vocab before you start.  You can also sign up to the mailing list and receive some good articles and video links each week.

1jour1actu – news website aimed at early teens.  Lots of good articles and videos on different current event topics.

TalkinFrench – a great website with loads of articles on learning French.  There is also a section where you can listen to an article read out in slow French and view the transcript too.


I will keep updating this section as I find other websites but lots of ideas to get you started.


Amusez-vous bien! 🙂