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Primary C – STEAM week

What a fantastic start to our STEAM week activities with an amazing visit from ‘Think Science’!

We explored Space rocks, dry ice (- using it to make huge clouds and for fun popping experiments), bubbles that you can catch and fun with a plasma ball. Lots of fun had by all!!


Space Fun in Primary C!

Lots of fun today during our ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ topic work exploring Venus with Astro Ted!  We found out that Venus is the second plant from the sun, is covered in clouds and is incredibly hot. We also carried out some science experiments in class to represent volcanos – which there are lots of on Venus.

We then moved into the sensory studio to explore our own planets and stars that we painted, which glowed beautifully under the ultra violet light! To finish up our fun in the sensory studio we had great time using the different Space games on Magic Carpet!





The Sky’s the Limit!

Primary C have been loving exploring space as part of their topic – The Sky’s the Limit!

Each week ‘Astro Ted’ travels up into space and visits different planets. When he comes back to planet Earth he brings his sparkly ‘galactic’ bag filled with information about each planet for us to explore! This week we have explored Mars. We had lots of different red items to explore – as we found out Mars it is often referred to as  the ‘Red Planet’, and ice – because it is a very cold planet. Astro Ted also brought us red noses just for fun!