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Summer Fayre fun

Wish Jars

Pot shot plant people

Which one did you get?

Ultra rare love bugs

Surprise pet blind bags

Primary C worked tirelessly on creating out super stall for the Garden Fayre. Our items sold out quickly! We would like to thank all those who came along and supported our amazing school. A great turnout as always. Hope you enjoyed the wonderful crafts created by our amazing pupils.

Black Swan Search & The Great Outdoors

Primary C have been searching for the legendary local Black swan….sadly we haven’t managed to catch up with it yet but we are keeping our eyes peeled when out and about. We spent time down at Irvine beach hoping to catch a glimpse, we did spot some interesting birds on our way. As its summer time we have been planting and keeping our outdoor area clean and tidy. The Eco school committee set us a challenge and we readily accepted.

After all of our hard work we used the SMART board to design our very own garden. Lots of beautiful birds and plants to enjoy. The children really enjoyed making choices and being creative.

We  hope to see everyone at out Garden Fayre tomorrow morning. Lots of surprises from our hard working team. Watch this space…….


Adventures with Astro Ted in Primary D.

The boys in Primary D (and staff) enjoyed learning about Saturn with their friend, Astro Ted. We used hula hoops to explore the rings around Saturn and made the surface of Saturn using cornflour, conditioner and rocks. What a great afternoon, full of smiles and lots of mess!! 🙂

Night and Day work in Primary C

We have been focusing on different things that you can see in the sky during night and day. The children loved lying outside on the grass (during a gorgeous sunny day) looking up at the sky to see what they could see. We were very lucky and saw a few planes, birds, butterflies, bees and even a paraglider!