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Primary A’s 50 Things To Do…

Today Primary A embarked on one of our 50 Things To Do challenges…we had a Pooh Stick Race!  We found sticks, dropped them into the water, and then rushed to the other side of the bridge to see if our stick made it through!

AF throwing her stick into the water!

Success! AF’s Pooh Stick made it all the way under the bridge!

LC listening to the water rushing.

NE ready to throw!

Another victory! LC’s stick made it through the water!

First Week!

NE looking for rainbow fish on the magic carpet.

AF chasing the rainbow fish!

LC following those cheeky fish!

Well! What a wonderful first week in Primary A! We have been really busy getting to know everyone! Firm favourites so far are magic carpet, pool, rebound and sensory exploration 🖤 Here’s a sneak peak at our sensory play. Roll on week two!

Summer Trip

Sharks, stingrays and starfish!

All the boys loved the water… Primary A’s own underwater adventure!

Today Primary A visited Loch Lomond Aquarium for our summer trip! We had the best fun and all the boys absolutely loved it! We even got up close with a Chocolate Chip Starfish! The aqua tunnel was a huge hit too … we were all amazed!


Garden Fayre certainly got us in the mood to make our class planter pretty for summer!  We loved the sights, smells and textures of our new plants.  We even found some new friends in the form of creepy crawlies.  We got a bit messy too…!

ME picked the orange flower!

Gardening makes Primary A happy!

ME delighted with his choice!

NW exploring the texture of his favourite plant.

The soil was cold and wet!

Primary A’s Planter