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Eco School committee announcement!

Eco School committee

The Eco School committee are delighted to announce that we have achieved our 5th Eco Schools Scotland Green Flag award, over the past two years we have  been working on the topics Litter, Waste Minimisation and Energy.

Litter – classes made sure the school grounds were litter free and used the correct bins when binning their rubbish to help with the school’s recycling.

Waste Minimisation – for Waste Week we helped reduce food waste in the school. Classes reused and up-cycled waste items at art to make crafty goods to sell at the School Fayres.

Energy – we helped save energy by switching off lights and any ICT equipment not in use

Also the seniors took part In the Big Soup Appeal in October, harvesting vegetables they grew to make soup. We raised money for Fairtrade in February by having a Fairtrade snack with delicious snacks made by classes using Fairtrade foods.

Well done everyone  🌟


Primary C out and about

Primary C had great fun at Eglinton park especially as we had the part all to ourselves. A class visit to the doctor surgery, where we used a step by step switch to ask the receptionist what she does.


Look we have the park all to ourselves.

LM coming down the chute.

JG having fun on the swing

DH and CMcCMcB on the roundabout

JG and DH jumping together on the trampoline.

SR and CMcCMcB on the roundabout.

CMcCMcB visiting the doctor surgery.

SR, JG, DH and LM visiting the doctor surgery.


Halloween sensory time

Primary C had great fun at Halloween Sensory Time.

S helping scoop out our Halloween pumpkin

L having a look at what’s inside the pumpkin

D helping scoop out our pumpkin

C having a look inside our pumpkin

J looking at what is inside our pumpkin

L enjoying the Halloween lights

S looking at the scary Halloween spider





A busy week in Primary C

  SR enjoying the Elmer story

LM liked the story

CMcBMcC standing tall in the pool

Primary C have had a busy week going to the library to look at their books and to find things out  about Ardrossan. Going to the pool to do our exercises, choosing a book to read then being able to tell whether we liked or not. We choose the Elmer story all about colour and we all enjoyed it. To finish off the week a visit to the Whitlee centre to see what happens there not just us having snack.

LM doing good balancing in the gym

DH helping the librarian

Primary C enjoying a story in the library

JG having some quiet time in the library