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Jura Class PJ Day Activity

Good morning Jura Class!  As we are all having a pyjama day I thought it would be a nice idea for you all to build a den.  Check out our video on twitter of the Jura Class ladies having fun in their dens.  I have attached a link with loads of ideas for you to have fun in your dens too.  Please remember to post your photos and have fun!! 😀

VE Day


Hi Skye Class,

I hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekend, I can see from Twitter/Facebook you have been busy.

As it was V.E day over the holidays I thought we could do some activities that are related to the VE celebrations that have been going on, I know if we had been in School we would have celebrated this. Here are a few links to give you some ideas and if you have a printer you can print some the activities off.  All these activities can be made into sensory play too, you could finger-paint a flag or make a flag from play dough or something more creative like a red, white and blue themed sensory tray. Whatever you do please have fun and stay safe.

right click and select copy

right click and select copy

Lewis Class

Good morning everyone,

Hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend. Mrs Brisbane has been doing something that you all enjoy at school, Home Economics. I have made some Paw patrol cakes that you might like to try at home but to do this activity you will need help from an adult, as you will have to use the oven. It would be lovely if you could try this at home and upload your cake pictures so that your friends and the ladies can see your fantastic work.

I have attached a learning intention to help your little learners. I have also sent the link to a short video demonstration on YouTube.

Enjoy 🙂

Spring sensory activities!

Hello everyone!

Here’s a lovely sensory activity to try!

We are now in May, and the Spring season is here!  We can use our senses to learn about Spring. There are lots of flowers and plants to smell, touch and look at.  We might hear birds singing.  The sun might be shining.

right click and select copy

If you are in your garden or on a walk look for some Spring leaves, flowers or petals on the ground.  You can smell them, look at the different colours and touch the different textures.

There are lots of pretty plants and flowers starting to grow.

right click and select copy

Collect some and bring them home and you can make a lovely sensory tray filled with water and petals to explore.

You could use cups right click and select copy  or spoons  right click and select copy  to mix  right click and select copy  and pour  right click and select copy

Or just use your hands to explore the mixture and pick up the leaves?

Flower Soup Sensory Bin. A fun and easy outdoor spring activity for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Here’s a link to follow.

Have fun!  (Keep some flowers and leaves for tomorrow if you can!!)

Mrs Inglis

Building Bricks

Hi Skye Class Families,

Sorry this message is full of links but this was the easiest way for me to download the videos. There is a video attached of me playing with my lego bricks and some ideas of what you could do with your lego bricks, enjoy. I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the lovely weather. I have also attached some learning intentions.

build a tower building the eiffel tower count the lego bricks match lego by colour sensory play coloured lego sensory play make a pattern in playdough


50 Things to do when school is not available

Hi everyone!

We are missing you all so the first thing I want to do is to send a great big virtual hug. 

You should have now all received Challenge 3 on the Groupcall messaging service. Thank you to the parents/carers who have already responded …

Hopefully I will be able to share what you have all been up to soon with our staff team

#excited #stayingconnected