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Gruffalo Story to enjoy!

Good Morning Skye Class 🧡💛💚💙💜💗

Its Friday and  have made a wee video of a story you might like to watch!  Its called the Gruffalo, and we all love this book!

right click and select copy

If the weather isn’t so good today you might want to stay in and listen to the story with me.  I have done some Makaton Signs too – see if you can learn a new sign!

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Have a nice day everyone…. and a lovely weekend when it comes! 💕😊

Mrs Inglis

Science – simple forces!

Good Morning!

This week we have been looking at science.  Miss Mitrou explored ice and water and Mrs Clarke was looking at floating and sinking.

Today I was going to show you some forces.

Force is what makes things move.  We looked at some simple forces during our toys topic, like shaking and rolling.

Using items at home you can try some of my ideas to explore what makes things move. Even just spending 5 minutes exploring these ideas can be fun…. I know everyone enjoyed rolling when we did it in class!  So here are some ideas for rolling.

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I made a video about ‘rolling’.

You could look in your house for different things and find out whether they can roll?   Rolling on a smooth surface things move faster, and on a bumpy surface outside (or carpet) things move slower?  You might use a ramp to make things move faster.

But I have some other ideas you might want to explore using different forces. You can move items using blowing (using air to move things).

right click and select copy

I made another wee video, this one is about ‘blowing’ .

You can try blowing a paper ball.  You can use a straw to blow.  You can make a fan to move air and move the ball.  Or get some help and use a hairdryer! What makes the paper ball move the most? Or just have fun blowing bubbles! These experiments are fun to do and help you understand how things move.

Make a fan activity.  I made another video of me making a very simple fan – all you need is paper (and some pens if you want to decorate it).  This might be useful when the weather is very hot too – you can use it to blow cool air on your face.  It is a lovely sensory experience to feel the air!

Also there is a link below to some sesame street videos all about forces!

So lots of ideas to look at – maybe you would like to try one at home. Just to experience the different ways things can move….

The main thing is to have fun!

Stay safe…

Mrs Inglis


Sensory Touch Activities – Skye Class

Good Morning!

Happy Friday everyone!  This week Miss Mitrou and Mrs Clarke have given you some lovely sensory activities to do.  Today its Mrs Inglis turn, and I have an activity for you to try, using your hands and fingers to touch and explore different textures.  This could be done in the house or outside.  It could be washing dishes using cloths and sponges, playing with toys or exploring in the garden….

right click and select copy

I have made a video of our nice hand ‘warm up’ activities again, and shown you some things I found in my house which had different textures to touch.

I found some sticky things, some soft things, some bumpy things and some rough things.  Maybe you will find other things too – like fluffy toys!?  You could also explore ‘wet‘ and ‘dry‘, ‘hot‘ and ‘cold‘.  So many things to look for and explore with your hands (or feet!).  You could collect things on a tray and just explore all the different things you find.  Or separate them and sort them into different textures using these  visuals I made for you.  You might only want to choose two to look at, for example rough and smooth.


If you go for a walk, why not try this texture scavenger hunt?  If you want you can print it out.  I went for a walk with my little girl and we found all sorts of nice things – moss, leaves, flowers, mud, sticks, grass, shells and stones!  We also saw a slimy snail trail! We took some things home, and got some lovely photos!

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Have lots of fun!

Mrs Inglis




Sunshine activities!

Good Morning!

It is Friday, and the sun is shining again which is lovely!  I thought i would post a few lovely sunshine activities.

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Here is a wee video from me!

When we go out in the Sun we wear different clothes.  It feels warm.  We won’t need our warm jackets.  The Sun is very bright, so we might wear sunglasses. We might wear shorts and t-shirts.  We might wear a sun hat.  We might wear sunglasses.  We might need sun cream to look after our skin.  Maybe you could explore some of these items you have in your house….? We would love to see you all ready to experience the sunshine!

I have made a few visuals you can use which you can use to help you recognise, match and look for some of these Summer items. If you print them off, print two copies, cut one set up and you have a matching game.  Just click on the link here…


You can also mix them up and try to match the visual with the item.  You could use these learning intentions to help you pick the correct item.

Learning Intentions – looking for summer items


If you would prefer, you could also just make a sunshine picture, using whatever you have in the house – paint, glitter, glue,  tissue paper or crayons…. Maybe do this outside?!

right click and select copy

sunshine pictures

If you are out in the Sunshine, stay safe and enjoy!  I think I will try to get outside in my garden today too!

Here are some summer songs you might like to enjoy listening to.  They are some school favourites!!

Missing you all… Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Inglis

Hello Skye Class – a message for you!

Good Morning Skye Class!

It is Wednesday already! Hope you are all well….

I have made you a little video to say hello, and set you a nice little task for today.  I hope it will make you feel happy!

right click and select copy

I really like to look at pictures of all my friends and family.  I know that just now it is very hard because we cannot see all the people we love.  I am sure you will be missing them.  So why not look at some photographs at home with your family?  And maybe have a look on the blog and school  facebook page to see some familiar faces from school too!    I know that all the staff are missing each and every one of you, and I’m sure your friends miss you too.  And remember – things won’t be like this forever!

It’s quite lonely here at the end of a computer, so I would love to see some photgraphs of you too!

Have a lovely day – I hope the sun continues to shine for us all!

Mrs Inglis

Skye Class Music!

Good Morning everyone!

It’s Thursday! We have a music activity for you today.  As we have been learning about France I thought we could listen to some French childrens’ songs and make some music!

right click and select copy

I made a video of some ideas to make different sounds, and maybe even to create your own musical instruments if you are feeling creative!  You might already have some instruments in your house and these are perfect too!  Or if you’d prefer, you can just clap your hands!

right click and select copy

Here are links to some music you might like…..

We can make loud   right click and select copy    sounds.

We can make quiet   right click and select copy   sounds.

We can shake    right click and select copy  instruments to make sounds.

We can blow   right click and select copy    to make sounds.

We can tap   right click and select copy   to make sounds.

Have lots of fun making music, and enjoy listening to lots of different sounds!

Stay safe, missing you all….

Mrs Inglis


Spring listening activities!

Good morning Skye Class!

I hope everyone in your house is well, and you are staying safe and keeping busy!  I have seen lots of lovely photos and videos of you all and we are all missing you lots!

Today I have a sensory activity again all about Spring.  As the sun is shining I thought we could be outside again. Last week we were looking at flowers, enjoying some sensory play with water and making some really pretty pictures!  This week we are focusing on listening for sounds of Spring.  Maybe you can hear the birds? Maybe, if you listen really closely you can hear some animal sounds? Listen for the wind or rustling leaves? Or listen to bees?  There will also be lots of other sounds. Maybe a car, a dog barking, people talking….. See what you can hear!

right click and select copy

If you are able to go out for a walk then I have a little list of things you can listen out for.  Maybe you will be at home and can listen from your garden.

I have also given you some lovely video links which will let you hear lots of sensory Spring sounds. You could just relax and listen to these at home!

right click and select copy

Whatever you do have lots of fun and stay safe!  We are really missing you all….

Mrs Inglis


Spring Art!

Good morning!

I’ts Thursday, and our last day of ‘school’ before the long weekend!   I thought it might be nice to end the week with an art activity.  Yesterday we used our senses to explore Spring, and looked at flowers and leaves.  Today I have a few art activities you could try – perhaps sitting in the garden if the weather stays nice!

I made you a wee video to watch.  This is the link.

Here are my attempts!  I wonder if you can try to make a picture of your own……  Think of the lovely Spring colours you could use.


tree outline

Here is a learning intention for the activity.

right click and select copy

We look forward to seeing what you make!

Mrs Inglis

Spring sensory activities!

Hello everyone!

Here’s a lovely sensory activity to try!

We are now in May, and the Spring season is here!  We can use our senses to learn about Spring. There are lots of flowers and plants to smell, touch and look at.  We might hear birds singing.  The sun might be shining.

right click and select copy

If you are in your garden or on a walk look for some Spring leaves, flowers or petals on the ground.  You can smell them, look at the different colours and touch the different textures.

There are lots of pretty plants and flowers starting to grow.

right click and select copy

Collect some and bring them home and you can make a lovely sensory tray filled with water and petals to explore.

You could use cups right click and select copy  or spoons  right click and select copy  to mix  right click and select copy  and pour  right click and select copy

Or just use your hands to explore the mixture and pick up the leaves?

Flower Soup Sensory Bin. A fun and easy outdoor spring activity for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Here’s a link to follow.

Have fun!  (Keep some flowers and leaves for tomorrow if you can!!)

Mrs Inglis

France topic sensory bottles

Good morning!

Our topic this term is Vive la France!

We have explored the colours of the French flag.

We are learning about red, white and blue.

I thought these lovely red white and blue sensory jars were nice if you have some food colouring in the house!  You can use any size and shape of plastic bottles or containers for little hands to hold and shake!  Create white bubbles using washing up liquid…..  And shake!!!  I posted a short video of me making them below too…!  If you have anything else in the house like glitter you can add it too! Remember to get some help from your grown ups!

Have lots of fun!

Mrs Inglis