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Halloween fun with Mull class

Last Friday the pupils in Mull class joined in the Halloween fun by dressing up and participating in the ghoulish activities taking place around the school. CH was great at bobbing for apples, KR was above par at the Halloween golf, LM scored a strike at the ghost bowling and CI was on the button when it came to pinning the nose on the pumpkin. Sadly the staff (especially Miss Galloway) scared us with their frightful dance moves in Arran class and at the disco. A great time was had by all.

Making a racket

It was our last sports session before the October break and we got to try our hand at four different activities. We were balancing/tossing beanbags on a tennis racket, shooting some hoops at basketball, taking aim and trying to roll our boccia balls in a hoop and finally emptying a basket full of balls as fast as we can!! Everyone was fully involved in all activities and we all had a great time. Happy holidays!!!!!

Sports day fun at Kilmarnock college

CI and LM joined their friends from Skye, Lewis and Jura and travelled to Ayrshire College in Kilmarnock where they participated in the Sportsability Festival of Sport 2017. There were many different activities to enjoy, with games involving balls, balloons and pom poms. Pupils even got to try their hand at the punch bags and pads. A fun time was had by all and we look forward to next years festival.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Pupils in Mull class were delighted to host the annual MacMillan Coffee Morning on Friday the 29th of September. It was all hands on deck as each pupil played a vital role in making the cake sale run smoothly. CI greeted our customers as they came in, KR took their money, LM gave out the napkins, CH was on drink duty and SS gave everyone a MacMillan sticker. Everybody enjoyed the cakes on offer, and some staff members overindulged (see photos below) !!!!! A big thank you to everyone who baked and donated their cakes and biscuits and keep checking the blog for the total amount raised once the final count is in.

Celebrating Rosh Hashanah in Mull class

After Jura classes’ Rosh Hashanah assembly, the pupils of mull class thought they would get in on the act and try their hand at making a traditional Jewish treat. So we bought some apples, some bread and most importantly some sticky honey. All the pupils did well cutting, chopping and drizzling, but one girl in particular enjoyed getting hands on with the honey, in what was a great sensory experience (see video below). Wishing everyone a happy Rosh Hashanah. Mazel tov!!!!!!!

A trip to the Co-op

Pupils from Mull class were out and about again, this time heading to the local shop to buy items for the harvest assembly. Pupils were looking for different fruits but also manage to sneak some treats into the basket. We also saw the local Bobbys and found a cairn dedicated to Robert Burns that is just outside our school. KR also managed the now famous Mull class selfie.

Pizza/pasta food programme

Its Monday. Its 12.15pm. That can only mean one thing in mull class. Pizza/pasta food programme time. There was great looking, smelling, touching and tasting by all the pupils but especially CI. She enjoyed both the pizza and the pasta, and then insisted on seconds!! In fact she made food programme look like a pizza cake (sorry). Well done to our stars in Mull class. Ciao.