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Exploring nature for maths week

Mull class pupils were exploring the trees, leaves and mud in the track for their maths week activity. There were lovely colours on display as KR, CI, CH, SS and LM sorted the leaves according to their colour, then counted the muddy mole hills around the track. CI and LM enjoyed feeling the texture of the leaves and trees as they sorted them whilst KR, SS and CH used the leaves as templates for an art activity back in class.


Mucking in for Marymass

Mull class pupils enjoyed a variety of different activities this week ranging from the Gruffalo to Marymass. KR, SS, LM, CI and CH all got hands on with preparing our Marymass wall display, cutting, gluing, painting and glittering paper flowers for the display. After all that hard work we were enjoying relaxing in the pink room, exploring the different books and finally sitting down and listening to the story of the Gruffalo.